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Ignorance has no defense. For this reason there have been different dementia awareness campaigns that have been conducted to give people clear understanding of Dementia, its signs, treatment and care for dementia patients. Bermuda in Home Care provides great and affordable support for dementia patients both young and old at the comfort of their homes.

What is dementia?

Dementia is characterized by deterioration and severe emotional and mental disruption. It shows symptoms of crippling illnesses of the brain, if it progresses it leads to death.

Onset of dementia both in the young and elderly is very difficult for families to understand and embrace. As brain neurons dies, one’s mental processes are altered, it causes a person to lose cherished life memories, and they get severe or subtle personality changes. In some cases as the condition progresses, the patient becomes disoriented and is unable to make sound judgments on their day to day activities.

It is important to note that Dementia doesn’t “come out of the blues”. It has three stages: the early stage, middle and the late stages. If you are able to recognize the “early stages” it becomes easy to manage it.

Symptoms and diagnosis of Dementia

Dementia can cause several diverse symptoms and changes. These include:

  • Memory loss: this is a common early sign or symptom of dementia. This is the most upsetting part of this condition both for the patient and people taking care of him/her. Hiring an expert to take care of them eases the burden. Bermuda In Home Care offers the best staff for that purpose.
  • Behavior changes: dementia patients behave in ways that are wanting. As the condition progresses, they seem to act out of character. This may be due to untreated physical conditions, inability to communicate or distress and confusion. Good in home care of these patients, will help them cope with the condition.
  • Communicating and language: Dementia may at times affect the patient’s inability to communicate and their language too. However, with proper understanding and in home care, will go a long way in jogging their memory.
  • Aggression: Dementia patients sometimes behave aggressively, either verbally or physically. This is usually because of inability to communicate or unmet needs. If the symptoms progresses it is advisable to seek help from an expert like staff of Bermuda in Home Care. They will give you step by step guidelines on how to handle and understand your patient.

Treatment and Care needed for Dementia patients

Currently, there is no cure for dementia. However, there are a few drugs and non-drugs treatments administered to lessen a person’s symptoms. These include:

  • Drugs: The drugs administered are only meant to improve the patient’s condition and not cure them. The most often used drugs are antipsychotics. These may help some people but can cause side effects, especially when administered for more than one month.
  • Person-centered care: This involves tailoring a patient’s care to their abilities, interest, history and personality. This will help them participate in the things they love and enjoy. Person-centered care goes a long way in managing and preventing psychological and behavioral symptoms of dementia.

If there is no one to take care of them you would opt to hire an expert like Bermuda in Home Care providers who are well trained for that purpose.

  • Alternative therapies: Some alternative therapy may benefit people with dementia. They work by treating conditions related to dementia such as agitation and sleep problems. Examples of alternative therapies include: Aromatherapy, bright light therapy, massage, tens and many more.

It might not be possible to treat or cure dementia but it is possible to manage it with proper in home care given by relatives and dementia experts.

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