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Independent Living

Independent Living from Bermuda In Home Care

One of the most important decisions you have to make is where will your loved ones stay once you move out and are not there to take care of them constantly. There are options of old-age homes and assisted living but which has not been very popular with elderly and disabled people for obvious reasons. What we provide is easy to live in apartments or homes which are easier to maintain with added benefits of housekeeping and laundry on premises and a companion to look after them after hours. Our staff do not believe in 9 to 5 punch hour job where there responsibility ends with their shift, they truly believe in helping these people lead a better and comfortable life.  Independent living ensures our residents their privacy and do not make them feel dependent on someone else for their upkeep. Our caregivers ensure that your loved ones are properly fed, bathed, groomed and taken care of without any undue exertion but with the added benefit of them living independently with no supervision. They are free to pick and plan their meals, when and where to go out, what to wear and also what friends to entertain. Not only this, our caregivers help their charges to do all this if they are unable to do it themselves. Your caregiver is paid only for the services you choose to entertain, if you only want someone to attend to your loved one for a couple of hours every day or for a regular check-up once a week, you can do that.

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