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Dementia Care

Dementia care available from Bermuda In Home Care

We understand at Bermuda in Home Care that what affects our senior patients affect their relatives and love ones also. That’s why we strive to lessen that suffering by going an extra mile for our valuable patients. Battling through stages of Dementia can prove a harrowing and tumultuous experience for any senior citizen, and if they don’t have anybody to assist them through this phase it can prove fatal too. Our staff is professionally trained and educated to handle these cases with specialized care. To enable our caregivers to make informed decisions and advocate best advices to their patients, we keep them supervised and also ensure that they undergo training camps and education programs. Our system is designed to improve dementia care. The patients suffering from dementia have an added complication of getting their thoughts or problems understood to an outsider, our caregivers spend countless hours with their patients to understand their needs and know if they are suffering through pain or any distress even if the patient is unable to convey. The added environment of in house care enables them to lead a normal and comfortable life and enjoy the little joys of life. Generally Dementia patients run the risk of inappropriate food intake which leads to their loss of health and appetite also with wrong administration of psychotropic drugs for pain medication, our main aim is to prevent any such misunderstanding. Doctors and staff take care about their food and fluid intake also with what medicines they are taking. They caregivers regularly update doctors and support staff about their patients’ health and mental well-being.


Certified Dementia Care Practitioners.

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