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Aging is an inevitable part of life. As one grows older, their reduced mobility and memory affects their ability of completing their daily living activities. This means they will need someone to take care of them and ensure they are in good shape. It might not be easy for you as an individual, since you also need to work and earn money to take care of their daily needs. The good news is, hiring a trustworthy caregiver experienced in elderly care services gives you some peace of mind. Sometimes you will be more at peace when you select a customizable […]


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Ignorance has no defense. For this reason there have been different dementia awareness campaigns that have been conducted to give people clear understanding of Dementia, its signs, treatment and care for dementia patients. Bermuda in Home Care provides great and affordable support for dementia patients both young and old at the comfort of their homes. What is dementia? Dementia is characterized by deterioration and severe emotional and mental disruption. It shows symptoms of crippling illnesses of the brain, if it progresses it leads to death. Onset of dementia both in the young and elderly is very difficult for families to […]

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