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Caregiver Responsibilities

Caregiver Responsibilities

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A Caregiver’s job is all about taking care of your home and in-home health care. If there are children or a person with a permanent disability or a senior loved one living with you in your home, then you mostly opt for a paid professional caregiver. Caregiving service Bermuda provides the best in-home services. This job comes with different sets of responsibilities. The tasks are divided into many parts, some basic functions that remain same every day and some of them are dynamic. Here are some essential duties that a caregiver must discharge.

 Basic responsibilities:

  1. Providing personal care:

People with a disability or senior person predominantly need personal care. This includes daily activities like grooming and bathing, toileting, brushing, finger and toenail care, shampooing and combing hair and exercising.

  1. Preparation of basic food:

Proper nutrition is required for healthy living, and both children and seniors need good health. The caregiver must have knowledge of preparing healthy dishes full of nutrition. They should also be well versed with the task of shopping of grocery items.

  1. Basic House-keeping duties:

A Safe and clean environment is a sign of good health, so it’s required that the environments kept clean and safe by the caregiver. Primary house-keeping duties typically included in the job profile are cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and making the bed.

  1. Transferring assistant:

This work is related to transporting the client from one place to another like from the chair, from the bed, from the toilet, and to and from a vehicle. Individuals with disability and senior citizens face difficulty at the time of moving from one place to another. In such cases, the caregiver must help the client in moving.

  1. Sound Transportation:

The caregiver must have a sound knowledge of driving and possess a driving license. So that he/she can take the children to school and elderly around for doctor’s appointment and other activities.

  1. General Healthcare:

It involves overseeing the medication and reminders for appointment and medicines and first-aid. Caregiver must persuade that medicines are taken on time as mentioned in the prescription. And also caregiver must be well versed in giving first-aid treatment in case of emergency.

  1. Monitoring health activities:

As a caregiver, it required to follow the care plan and notice any changes in client’s health.

  1. Personal Companionship:

When it comes to elder clients, they need emotional support. It is the most important of all caregiver’s duties to become a stable companion and supporter in every aspect emotional as well as health.

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